Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement: We are medical professionals taking non-emergency transport to a new level of customer service. We make sure the patient is safe, secure, and medical needs are understood and taken care of. Resilient Transport will make the difference and set a new standard for the transportation community.

Core Values: Integrity first, excellence in what we do, service to others, personality is key!

Roy Bruce Gilbert

Roy Bruce Gilbert has been in customer service type positions all his life.

While growing up, Roy spent a lot of time helping on his great grandfather's farm and working with and around other local farmers learning a solid strong work ethic, whether it was throwing hay or driving tractor and working with livestock. Most of Roy’s life he has held down 2 jobs at a time to support his family with a will succeed.

Roy has been around the transportation industry all his life, more recently a transportation and appointment coordinator for Avamere Transitional Care and Rehab formerly Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab and Boise Health and Rehab Driving for them for 3 years. Roy has a strong background in the medical field, as well. He is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant by Trade, and has been for the past 6 years with CPR certification and advanced first aid. Roy enjoys people and is sensitive to the needs of others. He is committed to his team and his family. Roy brings with him not only a strong work ethic but also a strong success in Sales. Through his experience in sales, and customer service, his work ethic, medical transport experience, and his thrive to succeed, he is unstoppable.